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Solutions for Women Struggling to Find Balance in Life

Updated: Aug 3

The past year has sparked a massive shift for thousands of companies and employees across the world. Many employers made changes to traditional ways of working and created hybrid work models in an effort to improve employee satisfaction.

Yet, a recent survey of 5,000 women in the workplace across 10 countries reveals that women are still struggling with their mental health and well-being. According to Deloitte's Women at Work 2022: A Global Outlook, fifty-three percent of women say their stress levels are higher than they were a year ago and almost half feel burned out.

Additionally, many women have made career and life decisions driven by their experiences with burnout. For some, this has meant seeking new, more flexible working options; for others, it has meant leaving their employers or the workforce entirely.

Female Wellness Coach Vanessa Jade says this "new normal" is taking a heavy toll on women and that society, at large, needs to examine how women's issues are handled.

Even with all the success, women are not happy," Jade states. "It's because we have lived in a patriarchal system for so long that it has stifled us. The other part is that women have learned that in order to be in positions of power, we have to copy men and push ourselves to operate like them."

All of this pressure has created additional stresses for women. While this year's Deloitte survey respondents rated their mental well-being as slightly better than last year's, almost half say their mental health is poor or very poor. One-third have taken time off work because of mental health challenges, yet only 43% feel comfortable talking about these challenges in the workplace. Additionally, 42% of that group worry that their career progression will be affected if they are not constantly available.

Female Wellness Coach Vanessa Jade

By emulating men, Jade says, women haven't been able to truly move into their own feminine power. "We've been taught to look outside of ourselves," Jade notes. "We're also told to get better at time management and get more detailed with how to run our lives, but that is not necessarily the answer for us. It's time to turn those notions around and it starts by reminding women how to reclaim their inner wisdom so they can better manage their lives."

To help women find their voice and true passion, Jade created a six-month program called Divine Soul Expression, a customized system where women can "unapologetically step into their feminine power." In this year alone, Jade's program has helped over one hundred women reclaim their full potential.

"In our society, being feminine sometimes has a negative connotation to it and is perceived as weak," Jade states. "This has caused many women to turn against themselves and ask ‘How can I survive if I don't act like a man?' And in the corporate world, some of us have performed quite successfully, but at a cost."

Despite the current challenges women are facing, Jade is encouraged by what she sees as a collective movement, one that has sparked a "new, feminine awakening." The answer for women, Jade says, is to lean into their femininity which is more fluid and intuitive. "By doing this, it gives women permission to take the morning off in order to have a more efficient afternoon, or to not take that phone call right away," Jade adds. "The goal should be to create a ‘new normal' that actually supports women, not one that tears them down."


Vanessa Jade Coaching combines years of professional experience supporting women in their transformational healing with intuitive wisdom and channeled practices through the Visionary Woman Program. As a Master Soul Alchemist, Vanessa guides women to connect deeply with their Divine Feminine essence so they can transmute limitations into vitality and passion in their bodies, and finally feel free to fully express themselves as the creator of their reality. For more information, visit Vanessa Jade Coaching on Instagram. For additional information, visit https://vanessajade.com/.

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