Short Film

(14 mins.)

Set in modern-day Los Angeles, JANUARY 14TH explores the day-in-the life of Michael and Carina Anderson on their third-year anniversary. On the surface, Carina and Michael are the ideal couple – educated, professional and affluent. Michael is a loving and devoted husband to Carina and she, in turn, is proud to be his wife. Yet, as the story unfolds, Carina’s joy turns to sadness as she waits for Michael to return home from work. Inspired by true events.

JANUARY 14TH started off the year on the film festival circuit in February 2020 as an Official Selection of the Academy Award-Qualifying Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles. The film has already garnered two wins including Best Short and Best Director along with four nominations by the Top Indie Film Awards.





(105 pages)

The dead-end job, the drive-by shootings and the constant struggle to pay the rent have taken their toll on Clarice and she wants out. So, when Clarice makes the decision to leave New Orleans and enlist in the U.S. military to improve her life, an unexpected pregnancy disrupts her plans. Inspired by true events.

ROSES IN THE WATER is based on La'Chris Jordan's award-winning play which was a Semifinalist for the 2013 Lila Acheson American Playwriting Program at Juilliard. The play was published as an anthology entitled Roses in the Water And Other Plays and is currently available on Amazon.com.

“ROSES IN THE WATER is a powerful, poignant script about the struggle against oppression. It manages to speak volumes about the disenfranchisement and helplessness felt by such a large portion of this country’s inhabitants without getting preachy or overly dark. The script is incredibly strong in dialogue, character, theme, tone, world, and message. This is a film that will resonate with a lot of people for many different reasons right now. It’s a timely piece that can speak to a fairly broad audience. It’s also entertaining and enjoyable even in the darkness of the story and world created. It’s a story that touches the mind and heart and speaks to old and young. This is a strong piece that could become a great film."



TV Pilot

(60 pages)

Following a heart-wrenching personal tragedy, a Black female sharecropper in 1930s Virginia sets out on a mission of personal revenge, all while fighting the exploitation of the town’s wealthy landowners and the violent harassment of the local sheriff and his posse of unlawful men.


PINEY RIDGE, a Winner in the 2019 Script Lab's Screenplay Contest, has placed in over a dozen high-profile competitions and fellowships including the Sundance Episodic Lab, MACRO Episodic Lab, Austin Film Festival, Film Empire Diversity Mentorship Screenwriting Competition, SAGindie Fellowship and WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Fellowship.

"PINEY RIDGE is a thrilling telling of a dark time in American history. With the rise of the alt-right, the story of the Southern Tenants Farmers Union is a timely reminder of how far we've come, and how far we've still got to go. This script is deftly plotted and sets the stakes for the episode and the series, and quickly introduces us to the antagonistic forces and those will fight them. Through Bessie, we see the devastation and determination of people wanting a better life for their children. In Bessie, we meet a woman who is both tender and strong. Her determination to join the men in their fight makes her immediately likeable, just as her grief gets us on her side. We're in a world that's ripe for long-form storytelling. This is an excellently put together pilot."

"PINEY RIDGE is a devastating parable that crescendos a family's injustice to a full-on tale of personal revenge and redemption. Equipped with a dynamic cast and plotting that excites and pushes all of the emotional buttons, this is a pilot that's worth tracking."

"PINEY RIDGE is a very sturdy execution of a truly compelling premise that — in spite of being set in the 1930s — holds a magnifying glass to many concepts that we're still sociopolitically grappling with today; racism, economic equality, political conspiracies, etc."

"This pilot has a story that unfolds at an unforgettably heart-pumping pace -- and reveals how the series will tackle poignant themes, casting a spotlight on a brave and bold single mother who stands up against the injustice, corruption, and hatred in her time."