Poe's Disciple

Genre: Horror

Time Period: Modern

Page Count: 105

Status: In Development with Level 4 Films

Image by Cederic Vandenberghe

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“ROSES IN THE WATER is a powerful, poignant script about the struggle against oppression. It manages to speak volumes about the disenfranchisement and helplessness felt by such a large portion of this country’s inhabitants without getting preachy or overly dark. The script is incredibly strong in dialogue, character, theme, tone, world, and message. This is a film that will resonate with a lot of people for many different reasons right now. It’s a timely piece that can speak to a fairly broad audience. It’s also entertaining and enjoyable even in the darkness of the story and world created. It’s a story that touches the mind and heart and speaks to old and young. This is a strong piece that could become a great film."


Roses in the Water

Genre: Drama I Military Drama

Time Period: Modern

Page Count: 108 pages

Status: Unproduced

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Image by Michael Afonso

Synopsis: A young woman in New Orleans decides to enlist in the U.S. Navy to improve her life and get out of poverty, but an unexpected pregnancy disrupts her plans. Inspired by true events.