January 14th

Short  I Drama  I 14:43 min

Official Selection of 75+ Film Festivals and 50+ award wins and nominations

A young couple’s anniversary takes a bittersweet turn when a police officer pulls the husband over on a questionable traffic stop. Inspired by true events.

The Source

Short I Drama, Suspense  I 12 pages

An LA Times political reporter is set to print the story of the century, but The First Lady's press secretary is determined to suppress the information at all costs. Inspired by true events.

something more than this_1.jpg

Something More Than This

Short I Historical Drama  I 14 pages

A New York Times reporter has been trying for months to get an interview with Iona Fleming, a reclusive Pulitzer-prize winning novelist and Auschwitz survivor. Yet, when an interview is finally granted, the reporter receives more than she bargained for. Inspired by true events.

The Ridge

Short I Historical Drama  I 14 pages

When a young, black man goes missing in 1920 Virginia, his mother and sister have no choice but to suspect the worst. Yet, upon his return home, he reveals the heartbreaking reason for his disappearance and why he must leave again. Inspired by true events.