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La'Chris is a highly-accomplished professional with 10+ years' experience as an Communications Specialist, Events Manager, Executive Assistant and Office Manager. 

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My Story

When I founded my business communications and branding firm seven years ago, I had no idea the

exciting journey I was about to embark upon. Prior to 2011, I had already worked for amazing organizations such as KOMO 4 News as a paid intern, Big Brothers of King County (in Seattle, WA) the University of Washington HUB Reservations, the Washington Park Arboretum and GE Commercial Finance. 


Following those opportunities, I worked as a freelance journalist and then turned to PR, promotions and event management. My first major job in promotions began when I worked for Mercury Records as a promotions assistant. While there, I had the privilege to promote and work with recording artists such Vanessa Williams, Boyz II Men, Bon Jovi, and the Robert Cray Band, to name a few. My skills continued to expand as I moved from the music industry to nonprofits to corporate entities.

In 2000, I moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates where I worked as an account manager for FP7 and managed the corporate communications of high-profile companies and organizations such as UPS, Xerox, Gillette, Lucent Technologies and the World Wide Fund for Nature. Over time, friends and colleagues started to seek out my marketing and business advice and before I knew it, I was an entrepreneur and a certified independent marketing consultant advising clients on web design, PR, strategic marketing, and social media could do for their personal brands.


Today, my client list includes filmmakers, artists, directors and other business professionals.

Additionally, I help executives, organizations and teams achieve success by improving daily operations and processes as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant.


Rave Reviews

"Running a small business takes a lot of work. I have been trying to do it all myself. Now, thanks to La'Chris my life has become a bit less chaotic. She has helped me to upgrade my website as well as do some email marketing and cross promotion. Thank you! You rock!"

Debbie Baker, Owner

Simply House Cleaning

“Our nonprofit hired La'Chris for a short term project that had a very tight deadline. Her proposal was stellar and she was fast! She really jumped into the project with both feet. She also went the extra mile promoting our event through person to person contact. Thank you!"

Renate Raymond

Marketing & Development Director

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA)

Here are a few organizations and companies I've helped

all over the world achieve even greater success.

What LJPR Offers

Executive Support

Provides high-level administrative support to company executives, directors, managers and to teams. Handles communications, correspondence, meetings, scheduling, travel, expenses and more.

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Office Management

Management and training of administrative and support staff, ordering  office supplies, maintenance of technical equipment and machines, client and vendor relations, budget management, records management and more.

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Communications & Writing

Creation and development  of business communications, correspondence and marketing materials. Copywriting, proofreading, editing, and transcription of wide range of written and online material such as blogs, brochures, newsletters, booklets, press releases, social media platforms and more.

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Publicity & Events Management

Expert level project management and execution of corporate and formal events, conferences, meetings, conventions or ceremonies. Management of publicity and media relations, if desired.

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As the Founder of, I write reviews, commentary and conduct celebrity interviews with diverse filmmakers across the country. 






Director Deborah Riley Draper

EXCLUSIVE: Deborah Riley Draper and Blair Underwood talk about ‘OLYMPIC PRIDE, AMERICAN PREJUDICE. New Documentary Focuses on Forgotten Black Athletes in the 1936 Olympics.

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